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THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY , the Power SALES LEARNING and Leadership brand of PETALVER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES has been founded with the goal of developing a workforce molded into a “Killer Instinct” Sales mindset for Companies regardless of size. Training a company’s number one asset, it’s PEOPLE, to have an instinctive and aggressive sales attitude using our own Learning Methodology (3C3P) we discovered over the last 20 years that that builds CHARACTER, CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE which leads to PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTIVITY in turn directly influencing PROFITABILITY.

Organizations and companies are continuously growing and expanding. Every day there are a number of companies being registered at SEC DTI; with the hope of making their organizations both successful and profitable. No organization will exist without PEOPLE. As the saying goes, our PEOPLE are our greatest asset. No company will ever survive without hitting their numbers and making PROFIT.

There is no PROFIT if there is NO SALES. An employee, from a rank and file to an executive level should all have the SALES SKILL, the “killer instinct” for their departments, for the whole organization to PROFIT and EXIST. THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY is a Learning and Leadership Development Company that will assist both existing companies and start up organizations to build up a solid foundation of keeping “sales-minded” employees focused on running the day to day operations of their respective organizations and sustain its leadership
irrespective of industry.

THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY will build a platform of proven Sales Champ Learning Components that cover all stages of development. From beginner, to midlevel Sales conduit, to finally becoming a significant contributor to the organization. All Learning and Leadership Programs are affordable and can be customized to tailor to an organization’s needs. In addition to facilitating blended learning classes we also provide Sales Workshops that will help an individual unlock their full potential starting with a key truth —we are born to SELL. Utilizing the Platform opens your team with basic to advance to Leadership Development Programs that will build CONFIDENCE and aid in finding your NICHE.

THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY will be open to all individuals and can take modular programs in order to enhance themselves, or to assist in finding the right PROFESSION. This can range from; starting up a business that suits them, building their own sales network, or managing and leading others. Though its focus is to provide strong Sales Training Programs, it will also offer proven and effective Management as well as Leadership Development programs and will use Creative Workshop Sessions following the 3C3P Learning Methodology, thus impacting the learning process.

THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY could also be a HUB among companies, serving as a Strategic HR Partner looking for the RIGHT employees which will significantly reduce overhead.

SALES CHAMP certificate holders have the right CHARACTER and COMPETENCE to deliver what will
be expected of them.

The Champ Learning and Leadership Development Tracks

(All have a 4 hr Intro Workshops that can lead to a 1-2 day Customized Course Program that uses proven self-applied and experienced PRINCIPLES )

I. The Sales Champ Series

1. Knockout Punches in Salesmanship – The Funnel Principle – A MUST for newbies
2. The Power of Telemarketing – Winning Skills to Set Appointments
3. To Sell or Not to Sell : The Art of Probing – Prospecting and Qualifying
4. Communicate with Confidence : Knock Out Presentation Skills
5. The Seesaw Principle of Selling : Mastering the Art of Negotiation
6. The Killer Instinct : The Key to 100% Closing
7. Customer Service that Sells : Becoming Likeable all the Time
8. Digital Marketing : Maximizing the Internet as a powerful Sales tool
9. Dress to Impress : Personality Development Inside and Out
10. GOTCHA : How to sell your CV and Get the CAREER you wanted

II. The Champ Management Development Workshops

1. Management Basics Workshop (PLAN-ORGANIZE-LEAD-MONITOR-CONTROL)
2. Shape Up: The Art of Supervision (a MUST for newly promoted SUPERVISORS)
3. Gear Up: Managing Performance (Delivering Results thru Others)
4. The Power of Delegation & Decision Making
5. Time and Stress Management
6. People Management Skills Development

III. The Champ Leadership Development Programs

1. The M-I-C-R-O Leadership Principle
2. The Power of Motivation
3. Team Development Programs
4. Creative Thinking and innovation
5. Work Life Balance
6. Fundamentals of Money Management
7. Communication Skills Development Workshops
8. Effective Coaching Techniques


Mr. Jonathan Petalver is the CEO and President of the Petalver Management Consultancy Services. He designs, conceptualizes and conducts sales training and marketing programs to Top 1000 Philippine Companies as well as Multinational Corporations in the field of retail sales, hotels, and fast food chains, leisure, pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Telco, Real Estate and Direct Selling and Multi-level Marketing Companies.

He conducted trainings and workshops for various disciplines, such as: leadership, sales and marketing, customer service and personality development, effective business communication, team building and motivational.

Mr. Petalver earned his Bachelors degree in Marketing Management from the Centro Escolar University, and completing his Masters degree in Business Administration – Regis Program from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. He has a certificate in facilitating adult learning, learning design and evaluation. He founded The Sales Champ Academy and The Sales Champ Club and author of the Transformational Sales Leadership book See Saw Sell: Killer-Instinct Mindset to Sell More and Win More.

Currently, he is the Program Director of Transformational Sales Leadership of The Ateneo Continuing Center
for Education.

About Jonathan “The Sales Champ” Petalver

Jonathan is a popular trainer, educator, author, speaker and champion salesman — thus, the monicker, “The Sales Champ.” His 15-year career has brought him across various sales and marketing organizations such as real estate, direct selling, pharmaceuticals, travel and many other institutional organizations. His broad expertise has led him to business, professional and organizational coaching where he teaches his students the art of being a champion in anything they do. The radio program “Champ, Yun Ka!” on DWIZ is part of his advocacy to reach out to as many people as he can to push personal transformation as a key to move the Philippines to first-world status. He is a firm believer that “Life is all about Selling,” which is why he teaches his learners the art of being a champion in life.

Jonathan is completing his MBA Regis at The Ateneo Graduate School of Business where he has also taken certificate programs on sales, training, marketing and operations management. Jonathan is the Program Director of Transformational Sales Leadership Programs at The Ateneo Continuing Center for Education and author of the Transformational Leadership book, “SeeSawSell: Killer Instinct Mindsets to Sell More and Win

About “Champ, Yun Ka!”

The program is a 1-hour talk show with guestings of people who excel in their fields and are considered
champions in their own right. The show will discuss how the right heart, mindset and actions will make you a
successful person.
Delivery is fun, spontaneous, insightful and with a lot of good vibes.
Timeslot is 7-8pm, every Monday, on DWIZ-AM (Manila).

THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY , the Power SALES LEARNING and Leadership brand of PETALVER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES has been founded with the goal of developing a workforce molded into a “Killer Instinct” Sales mindset for Companies regardless of size. Training a company’s number one asset, it’s PEOPLE, to have an instinctive and aggressive sales attitude using our own Learning Methodology (3C3P) …

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