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Real Estate: A Good Investment in 2016

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Nadj Villaver | The year 2015 has been “a great time for PH property market’” according to National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). And for the upcoming year, the real estate industry will grow further. According to Jacqueline van den Ende, Founder and Managing Director of Lamudi Philippines, development will spread outside Metro Manila. As early as 2014 there ...

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The Benefits of Offering Free Customer Wi-Fi

by Productivity@Work | From medical offices to car dealerships to coffee shops and restaurants, free Wi-Fi access is fast becoming a prominent customer expectation. Consumer-facing small and medium-sized businesses not currently offering their customers free Wi-Fi may soon find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage—if they’re not already. A 2014 study commissioned by Devisescape found that SMBs offering Wi-Fi as ...

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My Investing Guide for Dummies Part III

By Joel Barretto, CFPⓇ | via | In my last article, we briefly went over some examples of “FIXED ASSETS.” We also learned, that although your principal (original investment) is generally safe with FIXED ASSETS, its returns usually makes it difficult to combat taxes and inflation over time.  Therefore, it would be prudent to diversify your assets. Like fine dining with ...

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My Investing Guide for Dummies Part II

By Joel Barretto, CFPⓇ | via | In my previous article, I talked about having a delicate balance between “FIXED and EQUITY assets,” in accordance to your individual financial profile, as you create a sound investment portfolio. As a review, FIXED assets are monies invested that rely on interest for growth.  Meanwhile, EQUITY assets rely on supply and demand factors of ...

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My Investing Guide for Dummies Part I

By Joel Barretto, CFPⓇ | via | In my 25 years as a financial planner, when people find out what I do for a living, the most common question I get is… “where should I invest my money?”  As if I can answer that question without knowing anything about you first. It’s like coming up to a doctor and asking what ...

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‘Go forth and appify!” Digital Evangelist Tells Filipino Entrepreneurs

by Jim Moriones, | Digital evangelist and serial techpreneur, Homer “Homerun Nievera, was at it again. As guest speaker in yesterday’s Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo 2015 held at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall in Pasig City, Nievera reiterated the call for Filipino entrepreneurs to embrace technology or risk being left behind in the global economic race for billionaire ...

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Estate Planning in the Philippines: Why The BIR Will Not Allow You To RIP

by Joel Barretto, CFPⓇ | This is based on the true story of a couple we will call Mr. & Mrs. Nagulangan who had an only child we will name Sarah.  Sarah married John Mangugulang and together they had two children. Mr. & Mrs. Nagulangan had a huge mansion in Forbes Park, and because they wanted to keep Sarah and ...

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The GPS You’d Need Right Now Might be a Financial Life Map

By Joel Barretto, CFPⓇ | via | One of the fundamental foundations in planning toward your financial future, is an increased awareness in knowing where you came from, where you are now, and where you are headed. Thanks to modern technology, the invention of the GPS has helped us get to our destination with about 95% accuracy, at the ...

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Sue Your Parents!

By Joel Barretto, CFPⓇ | via | How dare you!  Is the initial reaction of most parents.  But there are always two sides to the story. I was having a discussion with my 73 year old friend who told me the story of a successful man, who turned over his business empire to his son a few years back. ...

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Know the Big Difference Between Saving and Investing

Conventional wisdom tells you that saving a decent amount of money and investing moderately according to your needs is the approach to take to meet your monetary objectives. Saving money essentially refers to putting away an amount of money (whether fixed or regular) in a low-risk avenue like a bank or deposit account. If placed in a financial institution, your ...

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