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The Sales Champ Network Academy

THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY , the Power SALES LEARNING and Leadership brand of PETALVER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES has been founded with the goal of developing a workforce molded into a “Killer Instinct” Sales mindset for Companies regardless of size. Training a company’s number one asset, it’s PEOPLE, to have an instinctive and aggressive sales attitude using our own Learning Methodology (3C3P) we discovered over the last ...

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My Book: See Saw Sell (Killer-Instinct Mindset to Sell More and Win More)

“The See-Saw book series is a great read, full of easy to digest mindsets and strategies…” – Dan Meyer, Analytics Expert via DMIA PH | My good friend Jonathan “the Sales Champ” Petalver has just authored a book for both seasoned sales professionals and first time sales people. The book’s tagline… Killer-Instinct Mindset to Sell More and Win More, says ...

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