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The Sales Champ Network Academy

THE SALES CHAMP NETWORK ACADEMY , the Power SALES LEARNING and Leadership brand of PETALVER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES has been founded with the goal of developing a workforce molded into a “Killer Instinct” Sales mindset for Companies regardless of size. Training a company’s number one asset, it’s PEOPLE, to have an instinctive and aggressive sales attitude using our own Learning Methodology (3C3P) we discovered over the last ...

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Francis Kong: Teaching Today’s Leaders How To Level Up Their Game

Nadj Villaver via Executive Chronicles | “Parang kanya-kanyang diskarte. I think my diskarte was very focus. I wanna be the excellent. I wanna be the best. I wanna be in the business.” – Francis Kong These were the words that caught my attention as one of the country’s most respected business speakers started to share his journey during our sit down interview. ...

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My Book: See Saw Sell (Killer-Instinct Mindset to Sell More and Win More)

“The See-Saw book series is a great read, full of easy to digest mindsets and strategies…” – Dan Meyer, Analytics Expert via DMIA PH | My good friend Jonathan “the Sales Champ” Petalver has just authored a book for both seasoned sales professionals and first time sales people. The book’s tagline… Killer-Instinct Mindset to Sell More and Win More, says ...

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Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay

With its cool climate and beautiful scenery, Tagaytay remains of the city’s top destinations for families looking for a weekend getaway. And with the opening of Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay, those looking for an Italian family feast this holiday season just had their Christmas wish granted! A short drive from the city center, along the ...

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McKinley Hill: Where the World Unfolds

McKinley Hill is a 50-hectare globally-inspired complete township community in Fort Bonifacio. It features Spanish and Italian architecture, bringing to Manila the spirit of the Mediterranean. Here, one will find structures reminiscent of renowned European landmarks, grandiose Venetian arts and design, and picturesque Florentine courtyards. Underneath its South European façade however, McKinley Hill proves to be a true melting pot ...

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Modern Twist to Local Dining in Singapore

A new generation of chefs is set on redefining Singapore cuisine with fresh cooking techniques, fusion flavours and innovative plating, yet with unmistakeably familiar flavours that strike a chord. Popular, local dishes are being reinvented, often with strikingly modern visual appeal, served up as classics on restaurant menus. This is Modern Singaporean cuisine, or “Mod-Sin”, as coined by well-known homegrown ...

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13 rules to remember when planning a trip to Dubai

via CheapFlights | Dubai is one of the more open and accommodating states of the United Arab Emirates – to an extent it has to be given the huge number of foreign workers. There are, however, a number of regulations that must be adhered to, particularly because you don’t want to inadvertently end up in a Dubai jail. Some rules may be ...

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Hong Kong souvenirs even the locals love (and where to find them!)

There are souvenirs aplenty at Hong Kong‘s ubiquitous markets – try Temple Street, the Ladies Market and Stanley for the more predictable tourist tat. But Hong Kong-inspired products are taken up a notch or two elsewhere in the city, and there are plenty of fun and quirky things to take home. For home-grown brands that draw on the city for inspiration, ...

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Fifteen Cool Tips for Living in Small Spaces

By Joanna Goddard | via CupOfJo | Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves and Gardenista and her husband live together in seriously small quarters—a 240-square-foot studio, to be exact. She agreed to share her surprising tips about how to make it work (and not drive each other crazy)… 1. Maximize your windows. Drape your windows in a way that allows ...

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